Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words – Robert Frost

Haiku (Japanese for poetry) seems to be an apt name for a place that makes you explore your emotions for food as beautifully as poetry could.

So, our search for specialty cuisines in the city led us to Haiku, and my oh my, were we glad to be there?

Located in Banjara hills, on Road number 12, this restaurant has a very earthy vibe. The exposed brick and wood interiors and the bird art-work gives a feeling of zen.


The place is spread across 2 floors with a private dining area on the higher floor.
The beautiful interiors, courteous staff and the welcoming feeling complement the tasty food. Their exhaustive menu leaves you spoilt for choices.

We tried the sushi and starters from both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sections of the menu. The vegetable maki was full of flavor and the mayonnaise gave a nice balance to the dish. The “volcano roll”, a marinated salmon sushi roll, on the other hand was true to its special status on the menu. If you love sushi, you should definitely go for their 12-piece platters.


Their “salt and pepper water chestnuts” is another dish that we truly recommend.
We had also tried the “lemongrass chilli chicken” which we found to be a tad bit salty. But, you could always tell the server and they’ll check to customize the dish according to your likes and taste.

Amongst beverages, the fruit bubble tea was something that a lot of people recommended us to try. The novelty of a bubble tea was dampened by the excessive sweetness. The green apple iced tea, however, was made to perfection.

We finished our meal with the delicious apricot pudding. The sweetness of the fresh apricots, apricot jam paired with the cream, perfectly balanced with cake and crumble left us asking for more. We rate this place a 4/5. ( 1 point for the lack of alcoholic beverages :P, who wouldn’t love a good sake with their sushi )

If you’re looking for good Japanese and Asian food, Haiku is poetry to your ears. Head to Road number 12 Banjara hills, above Good Earth to satiate your craving for good Japanese food. The place is usually full, so a prior booking would save you the wait. Do let us know your experience in the comments. As we always say, Go food yourself! ?

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