WHERE – JUBILEE HILLS (adjacent to Stone Waters)
A cafe that sells pav roti (bread)?
Exciting much?
But once you step into Pappa Roti, the aroma of hot buttery buns fills the air and after the first bite of those soft, coffee-caramel, heavenly buns ,you can definitely understand why Pappa Roti is loved across the globe.
Buns are crisp on the outside and fluffy inside, baked to a golden-brown perfection .You could choose your topping for the bun with nuttella, hazelnut, lotus biscuit,cheese,chocolate etc.
Our fav was the Lotus Biscuit bun and Nutella-Hazelnut bun (coz nutella is life :p)
Along the side for the buns they have a variety of frappes and iced teas!
We tried the POPCORN FRAPPE which is a tad bit too sweet for our liking but of course, we are DEFINETLY going back for more buns!

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