PRICE : Rs 80 FOR 75G
Availability : At all leading Super Markets
Overall rating : 3/5
Ever since I was little, I’d always look forward to trying Cadbury’s new collections, just to see how creative they can get & recently I managed to lay my hands on the new Cadbury Diary Milk’s Marvellous Creations- in Cookie Nut Crunch and Jelly Popping Candy.
Cookie Nut:
Pros: Crunchiness of all the delicious nuts, with the signature diary milk taste.
Cons: The ratio of nuts to chocolate is quite frankly very disappointing, you are bombarded with the taste of plain milk chocolate and then at the end left with just a layer of nuts.
Jelly Popping Candy:
Pros: Again, the goodness of Diary Milk and crunchiness of gems!
Cons: Diary Milk has very strategically placed only one gems in one square of chocolate (classic example of Minimum Scaled Efficient) Stingy fellows, but at 80 Rs you got to wonder, don’t you deserve more?- The answer is “Yes we do- because your ads say so”- Also the poppins and tutti frutti don’t exist!
Overall, it’s a refreshing change from the regular Diary Milk, but the change comes too late and too little.

Marvellous Creations Marvellous Creations


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