You have to give Churrolto a try! We have been obsessing over it ever since our first trip! Located at Madhapur main road, this cosy and quint place with funky interiors, and the most welcoming owners, isn’t hard to miss. They serve mouth watering desserts, scrumptious sandwiches, flavourful Mexican, and some great coffee!

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1) CHURROS WITH WHITE CHOCOLATE: The best churros we have ever had in India! they were sweet, crispy yet chewy, perfectly rolled in sugared cinnamon, everything that makes for a perfect churro. We are such diehard fans of cinnamon that we actually like it on everything, including cinnamon infused water, so the strong flavour of sugared cinnamon was paradise! The churros were so good that we did not actually need any dip, but if your heart desires there is espresso dip, chocolate dip, nutella dip, or the one we chose , white chocolate dip, to complement your churros perfectly! We licked our white chocolate clean!

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2) LEMON TART: A classic desert! Fresh tart, zingy lemon filling, topped with a few Meringues. The tanginess left us wanting for more and more. Try this one only if you are a lemon fan (like us).

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3) MUD PIE: Rich chocolaty fudge pie with gooey chocolate sauce! This is rad! Mud pies are famous for their abundance of chocolate, and this mud pie does proper justice to your expectations! It is extremely filling so make sure you have your share of other yummies, before filling up on the mud pie.

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We have so much more left to try and we are definitely heading back! Until then we absolutely recommend this place, and do let us know what is your favourite pick from their menu.

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