“There are not more than five musical notes,
Yet the combinations of these five give rise to more melodies than can ever be heard.
There are not more than five primary colours,
Yet in combination they produce more hues than can ever been seen.
There are not more than five cardinal tastes,
Yet combinations of them yield more flavours than can ever be tasted.” – Rumi

India, as a country, is known for its infinite variety. Different regions of the country have their own charm and have something unique to offer, in terms of culture, experience, language, people and of course, flavor and food. Be it the makki di roti and sarson ka saag from Punjab, fish curry from Bengal or the Ghosht ki biryani from Hyderabad, the cuisines and flavours are distinctive to the regions that the dishes belong to.
Imagine finding a restaurant which brings eight such specialty cuisines of India, under one roof, united by food while doing complete justice to the flavours. Yes, such wonders do happen and one such marvel is the United Kitchens of India.
Located in Jubilee hills, on Rd No 45, United kitchens of India, provides you an exhaustive menu of food delicacies from regions across the country. A spacious dining area, cabanas that give a private dining experience, amazing specialty cuisine food, prompt service and interestingly innovative cocktails and mocktails make this restaurant, a perfect place to go out with a group and chill.

For a first timer at the restaurant, the task of picking a cuisine would be mammoth and you might end up ordering a dish from every cuisine, just the way we did ( Don’t blame us, there’s so much variety that you want to taste it all).
We started with the drinks and appetizers and here’s our pick :

Drinks :
1. Tea toddler: Freshly chopped fruits, olives topped with orange and cranberry juice/hibiscus, this mocktail reminds you of a sangria sans the wine.
2. Candy crush: This peppy pineapple, apple and lemon juice based drink with hazelnut syrup is a favourite with kids of all ages.
3. Charminar : This masaledaar cocktail is a tequila twist to the old city of Hyderabad. A shot of tequila in a glass topped with spices that are used in biryani, lemon juice and fizz, garnished with star anise and curry leaves.
If you like experimenting with your cocktails, you should consider trying the Gulaabo, Narangi Chaska and Chennai Express.

united-kitchen-of-india-1 united-kitchen-of-india-3 united-kitchen-of-india-4

united-kitchen-of-india-5 united-kitchen-of-india-6 united-kitchen-of-india-7

Appetizers :
1. Malai Paneer roll : Thin slices of cottage cheese stuffed with dry fruits and Indian spices grilled on the tava for that extra smoky yumminess. Savour the Punjabi goodness while its hot.
2. Bhetki fry : This fried fish dish from Kolkata is our absolute favourite and a definite crowd pleaser. Freshwater Bhetki fillets marinated with regional spices and fried in a crumb batter, served with fresh mustard sauce.
3. Ghosht ka Shikampuri : Melt in your mouth lamb patties stuffed with onions, yogurt, and flavoured with herbs and cinnamon. A must try.

We’ve also tried a couple of other vegetarian starters like the Bhutteyan de kebab and Peethiwali tikki but the non-vegetarian ones were what grabbed our attention and pleased our palate more.

united-kitchen-of-india-8 united-kitchen-of-india-9 united-kitchen-of-india-15

united-kitchen-of-india-10 united-kitchen-of-india-11 united-kitchen-of-india-12

united-kitchen-of-india-15 united-kitchen-of-india-14 united-kitchen-of-india-13

Mains :
1. Siraji Mangsho : This stir fried lamb dish with a tomato onion based gravy is straight from Bengal and pairs perfectly with Luchi, a deep fried flour bread ( A bengali variant of poori).
2. Sambar Rice : Nothing beats this classic South Indian meal of lentils, mixed vegetables and rice simmered together and then tempered with a flavor of spices served in a clay pot. Comes in two variants, a vegetarian – which is served with a side of fried pakodas and a non-vegetarian one – which comes with a side of Andhra style, spicy fried chicken. Comfort food, at its best.
3. Baghara Khaana : This long grained rice dish is yummily flavoured with subtle spices and garnished with coriander and fried onions. If you are a rice lover, this is a must try. To match the Hyderabadi cuisine, pair it with Dalcha ghost or Kaddu ka Dalcha if you are a vegetarian.

united-kitchen-of-india-16 united-kitchen-of-india-17

united-kitchen-of-india-18 united-kitchen-of-india-19 united-kitchen-of-india-20

United Kitchens of India has so much to offer in terms of variety and taste, that a single visit will not do justice to this place. The food will take you back to the memories of home or your travel exploits across the country. We are sure to come back and will get you a region wise review. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, so what are you waiting for, just head to UKI and let us know how you liked it. Looking forward to your comments and recommendations. Go food yourself !

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