It was the Flea of the Season at Cafe4Resta, Banjara Hills on 20th September, 2015.

The SWEETEST event of the year was back again & this time it got crazier with lot of fashion,accessories,art and fun. People were tantalized by a pinch of fashion, a dash of music & a cart full of desserts 😉
GFY organized The Dessert Flea which was filled with shoppers and foodies. The Flea had 15 Home bakers and 15 stalls of  art and fashion which was loved by all the attendees.

It was indeed a ‘sweet’ affair where everyone seemed to have had a great time. The Flea hosted some of the best desserts, which was the main attraction and included chocolates, brownies, cake pops and a lot more.

the-dessert-flea59 the-dessert-flea1

the-dessert-flea2 the-dessert-flea3 the-dessert-flea58

the-dessert-flea4 the-dessert-flea5 the-dessert-flea6

the-dessert-flea7 the-dessert-flea8 the-dessert-flea9

the-dessert-flea10 the-dessert-flea11 the-dessert-flea12

the-dessert-flea13 the-dessert-flea14 the-dessert-flea15

the-dessert-flea16 the-dessert-flea17 the-dessert-flea18

the-dessert-flea19 the-dessert-flea20 the-dessert-flea21

the-dessert-flea22 the-dessert-flea23 the-dessert-flea24

the-dessert-flea25 the-dessert-flea26 the-dessert-flea27

the-dessert-flea28 the-dessert-flea29 the-dessert-flea30

the-dessert-flea31 the-dessert-flea32 the-dessert-flea33

the-dessert-flea34 the-dessert-flea35 the-dessert-flea36

the-dessert-flea37 the-dessert-flea38 the-dessert-flea39

the-dessert-flea43 the-dessert-flea44 the-dessert-flea45

the-dessert-flea40 the-dessert-flea41 the-dessert-flea42

the-dessert-flea46 the-dessert-flea47 the-dessert-flea48

the-dessert-flea49 the-dessert-flea50 the-dessert-flea51

the-dessert-flea52 the-dessert-flea53 the-dessert-flea54

the-dessert-flea55 the-dessert-flea56 the-dessert-flea57

the-dessert-flea60 the-dessert-flea61 the-dessert-flea62 the-dessert-flea63




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