We like our weekends this way:,

Frioskas, cheesecake and burger day!

We were invited to the preview  of the  revamped DELI 9 BISTRO (fret not! Their cheesecakes and cheese fries are still intact).We had some amazing food bloggers to keep us company, conversations about food was never SO much fun!

The place had a very inviting aura; The staff had such bright smiles we’d give them a 5 stars right there!

We were given the option of choosing our drink from mocktails, smoothies, hot beverages and coffee coolers.

Being watermelon fans, we called for a FRESH FRUIT WATERMELON FRIOSKA, which had: fresh cut watermelon pieces, virgin mojito, toppled with watermelon juice and loads of ice!  We’d give it a 3/5, but you could order as per your specifications.

What came first was the OUTRAGEOUS NACHOS! Oh! We loved it! The tortillas were thick and crunchy, and you know what they say about how good nachos only need five ingredients: chips, cheese, beans, salsa, and jalapeno slices! And of course, the nachos at D9 had it all! We give this a 4/5.

The next appetizer was the FIRANGI SAMOSAS! Put in loads of mushroom, spices, spinach, mayo- roll them and fry! What you get is a little piece of heaven!! GoFoodYourself definitely suggests this one! 5/5

Moving to the PAO N BAO

Now if you’re a fan of BAO this should be the ideal place for you, what we were served was the MUSHROOM CHILLI CHEESE BAO-The bread was way too sweet for our taste but the filling was just fine. This one gets a 3/5.

Next up was the TOMATO BASIL PENNE PASTA – now, we are not really tomato fans and the sight of the pasta in TOMATO sauce was disappointing. We very conveniently tried skipping it and moving to the Mongolian Rice, which was next up in line, but our foodie friends seemed to have loved it so much that we HAD to try the tomato sauce pasta and boy! We might have actually fallen in love with this tomato sauce, you could actually taste all the flavors Garlic, oregano, basil, thyme, cheese with the perfectly cooked penne pasta and served with the right amount of sauce neither too dry nor too runny, just how we’d like our pasta in white sauce . This gets a 4/5

YES! The Mongolian rice next, covered in FRIED PAPAD, fancy decoration and the amazing aroma we were eager to dig in; on the first bite the flavors seemed too strong and overpowering. If only they balanced the flavors better, the dish would have tasted as good as it smelled. We give this dish a 2/3

The food just didn’t seem to stop arriving! The wide spread of beautiful dishes stole our hearts! It was thrilling!

After a lot more gupshup, we were served the DESSERTS!

  1. TIRAMISU came first .OMG! *Literally entering heaven* it was rich and delicious, with the right amount of coffee flavor, and the really well beaten cream which made it light and tasty. You have to try this one! Definitely a 5/5
  2. Next came the TRUFFLE cake which seemed a bit dry. It had layers of cake with chocolate cream, not a fan of chocolate wouldn’t really vouch for this again.2/5 for this one!
  3. Following it was BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE: Their signature dish since ages! Always so good! 3/5
  4. BANOFFEE PIE came next; white chocolate shrillings, with banana and cream set in a chocolate tart! We wish the tart had a hint of vanilla which would have enhanced the flavor of the baoffee pie, still, worth a try! 3/5

Now, if you’re longing for some real good food you now know where to rush! Go! give DELI9 bistro a try!

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